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I'm going to try and give a little insight to what I do and how I go about doing it. All the while not revealing any "trade secrets" as it were.

I try to approach event photography with a clear mind and an empty SD card. Most of my work has centered around performance events. Specifically dance. For the performer, this tends to be a passionate endeavor.  One that she or he puts their whole being into. What I seek to capture is the flow of the dance, the passion of the moment, the expression of the art form. Capturing that fleeting moment in which the performer is immersed in the creation of an all too temporal artistic expression. 

I cannot define in very technical terms what a good or great capture is. It is however, about lighting, pose, expression, color, emotion.  

But I know it when I see it. 

This extends to other parts of my work. In the last year, I had the privilege to document a wedding for a member of the dance community. Hard work, challenging but very worth the results achieved. In a wedding, there is the obvious punch list of images that one should have. Various Bride and Groom images, Bride and "X" images, Groom and "X" images. and so on. These are easily achieved with the cooperation of the Bride and Groom and members of the Wedding party. 

The tricky part is trying to capture the essence of the day. The emotion. That moment in time where everything seems to stop. Difficult to do in the best of circumstances. 

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Updates, updates, Updates... We're adding files from previous events as time permits.

Look for images in the future of events in the past.

Favorites you might recall - or new ones yet to be discovered.

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The Site is Up! This site is up and configured. More or less...

This will be a work in progress - feedback will be welcomed. 

More images to be uploaded for your consideration. 

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Shake Shimmy and Share event This was a long but fun event. The dancers were talented, colorful and delightful. 

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